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The Mini Gorillas

Mini gorilla sculptures have been sponsored by schools, which have allowed pupils to design and decorate and keep their own school gorilla.

Bristol Zoo has donated one of the mini sculptures to a school in Cameroon.

This is the school built by Ape Action Africa (AAA) three years ago. AAA (supported by Bristol Zoo) runs an education programme designed to raise awareness of the threats to primates. It works by getting locals adult and children actively involved in conservation.

AAA has created a primate sanctuary that cares for 120 orphaned gorillas and chimps whose parents have been killed by poachers for the illegal meat trade.

These are photos of some of the mini Gorillas. I did not take these photos, I have found them on a PDF but thought it would be nice to add them onto this website. The photo of the pupils with the donated Mini Gorilla can be found in amongst them.